Our Services

SMJ Contract Cleaning offers a wide variation of cleaning services from small one off cleaning jobs to a large business contracts and professional carpet cleaning and maintenance with our unique carpet cleaning systems.


Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning


SMJ Contract Cleaning specialise in communal areas and cleaning and maintenance. The service includes dusting and polishing all common skirting boards, windows, window frames, window sills, doors, mirrors, lift doors, door handles, changing bulbs if needed, vacuuming the whole area, cleaning outside the building and maintaining the rubbish area, if available. The cleaning process may be on a weekly, fornightly or a monthly basis. We will make sure that your common parts are clean and friendly at all times.

Power Washing


SMJ offer a range of power washing services and have a fully stand alone system that means we can clean whilst you are at work or on sites where there is no power & water.  We have a number of satisfied customers who would be willing to let you know how reliable and professional our work standard is.  We have significant experience in cleaning drives, paving, block work on a domestic and professional level.  Our dedicated power washing team are able to take on large scale and pre-planned maintenance work.

Ladder Less High Reach Video & Photo Surveys


We also offer a HD Quality high reach survey system using our specialist ladder less system.  On completion we provide a HD 1080 video of the asset we have surveyed and any number of required HD photographs.  This system does not require ladders, reduces the cost of survey versus human access (eliminates the need for scaffolding etc).  The surveys can view assets up to 12m high.  These survey are useful for condition analysis of your property assets and also to investigate if further work is required.  Our customers have found significant value when assessing roof condition, roof line drainage analysis, rapid close up analysis of hard to get to places.  Give us a call and we will gladly send you some examples of our completed surveys.


Ladder Less High Reach Gutter Cleaning


Free video upon completion we use the latest technology in gutter cleaning our gutter cleaning system has 2 Industrial Strength Vacuum Motors giving huge suction power of 150 inches of Water Lift and can reach up to 40 feet high. 12 metre/ 40 feet/ 4 storeys high reach. A safe solution for cleaning high gutters such as blocks of flats, residential care homes, offices and domestic properties, for the latest regulations and health and safety requirements. Allows access to restricted areas. With our unique video system we can video inaccessible areas of your buildings and give you a full video of any damage before you call any trades
No need for expensive ladders/ scaffolding/ high reach equipment. Can be used without the electricity if needed. CONTACT US FOR A FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE


Pub Cleaning


This service has been designed for landlords/ladies with no time on their hands to complete extensive job of thoroughly cleaning their premises. After a long evening of serving customers and completing paperwork the last thing you want to do is clean.

Our expereienced and qualified cleaners will visit your premises in regular intervals of your choice to complete those laborious pub cleaning tasks you haven’t got time to do. We understand that regulations are tight when it comes to pub cleanliness, where food and drink is being served to paying customers, and we will ensure that your entire premises are spotless.


Club Cleaning


Similar to our pub cleaning service, the club cleaning service we offer involves our experienced, fully trained and insured cleaners visiting your premises in regular intervals of your choice. The club cleaning and pub cleaning includes:-

  • Entrance Area/Foyer
  • Behind the Bar(s)
  • Customer Side of Bar(s)
  • Standing & Seating Area
  • Dance floor


SMJ holds contracts with pubs and clubs of all sizes and with many different specialist requirements. We understand that every client has completely different requirements, therefore we ensure that these are met and expectations are exceeded.


End of Tenancy Cleaning


If your tenancy agreement comes to an end, this service is for you. We understand the importance of leaving the propery immaculate; and we can do just that, We have designed a complete list to meet the required standard of your check out. We have teams of cleaner fully trained to accomplish outstanding standard, which will save you time and money.

This cleaning service is also created for people who buy/sell a property and it is ideal package if you are relocating to a nre home and you need it to be clean perfectly.


Please note:

·         Always be aware that no guarantee can be given for complete stain removal.
·         Some stains, such as but not limited to:- food colourings, hot drinks,cosmetic preparations, plant foods etc. may cause permanent colour change to the fibres and may react adversely to stain removal products.